Will Ed be touring in [insert your city, state, country, etc here]?
We try to keep an updated tour schedule here, you should also be checking out www.edsheeran.com for tour news too.

Where can I buy meet n greet passes?
Ed does not sell these meet n greet passes, as he does not think fans should be paying to meet him. He does do a lot of radio promotion and you can win meet n greet passes from various radio stations.

Can you send me an autograph?
As much as I would love to be able to send people Ed’s autographs I don’t have a stockpile of them.

Do you know what flight Ed is on?
No, we don’t know what flight Ed’s on. Ed has also asked people not to show up at airports trying to meet him as he’s normally not feeling up to it. Please respect his wishes.

Can Ed play my wedding, birthday, etc?
Unfortunately I can’t help with this. Ed’s schedule is pretty busy as is.

My friend/family member is sick, can you help me get Ed’s attention?
As much as I’d love to forward these onto Ed, I can’t.  Sometimes it helps to reach out to other fans & media on social media and create a buzz.

Do you know what hotel Ed is staying at? 
No we do not. This is considering stalking and it’s something we frown upon. You would probably be creeped out if a stranger was outside your house waiting for you. Hotels are like homes so please treat them as such.

Does Ed Know about your site?
Yes he does, which I never thought he would. He’s been nothing but supportive to the site and staff.

Can I be an Ed Sheeran Insider?
The answer is no, because we do not offer such a thing. I think that being an insider encourages people to stalk him.