Game 7 would be in Boston on Monday

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Those who doubted that he would ever return were proved wrong midway through his final season at Notts when he gained permission for an early release, citing homesickness: his wife Kelly had remained in Zimbabwe with their four young sons. He had a more optimistic attitude towards Zimbabwe cricket, too, anticipating that affairs would be better run on and off the field. At 31, he returned to Test cricket, against West Indies in Bulawayo, nearly three years after his previous innings..

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My grandpa worked his whole life on a small farm that he owned. She inherited when he died and sold it shortly after. In six years she was broke. Maybe even a roll neck sweater under a jacket in the winter. These were not radical fashion choices, but in the context of the times, they were for a football presenter whose fashion choices were largely influenced by Saint and Greavsie. Here was someone who looked modern and in touch with a life that didn’t revolve around Rotary Club dinners, golf and casual racism.

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