The Multiply Tour Post

Today is the day! The first day of the Multiply World Tour. More dates & countries will be announced for 2015 NEXT SPRING. You can view the current tour dates HERE. If you want to try your luck at winning tickets for the tour – I’ve tried to keep an updated list of ticket contest HERE.

North American – Rudimental
UK/Ireland – Saint Raymond

Give You Up
Right Here
More Than Anything
Not Giving In
Waiting All Night
Feel The Love

Ed Sheeran
I’m a Mess
Lego House
Take It Back
Tenerife Sea
Ed’s choice song (Seattle was Little Bird)
Make It Rain
Thinking Out Loud
Give Me Love
I See Fire
You Need Me, I Don’t Need You
Gold Rush
The A Team

– Vancouver (8/23) Setlist changes -Runaway replaced MIR & Afire Love was his choice song
-San Jose (8/26) same as Vancouver

Ed does not sell meet n greet packages, however for this tour he will be doing his own contests via his twitter every show day  he will be selecting some fans at random from the audience. Like past tours he’s done radio promo (and show meet n greet contests) and there will be a few of those stops during this tour.  You can check out the contests tag to see if I’ve posted any for your city/date.


xmerch-1 xmerch2 xmerch-3 xmerch-4 xmerch xmerch2 xmerch3 xmerch4

Zip Up Hoodie = $65
Pullover = $55
Backpack = $50
T-Shirts = $35
Hats = $35
Shorts = $30
Flag = $15/$20
CD’s = $15
Patches = $15
Poster = $10
Keychain = $10
Wristband = $5
more prices will added later.

*Prices will not be the same for Vancouver & Toronto. Please do rate exchange.



Why are all of the tickets the same price? Ed does this to make it fair to all fans. This also cuts down on scalpers.

Why does my ticket have a seat number when my show is completely General Admission (GA)? Venues put seat/row numbers on tickets so that they can keep track of their sales. I mean, you’d hate for them to turn you away because they over sold the show. If you want you can contact your venue and they can set your mind at ease and let you know if your show is completely GA. 

Should I wait outside to meet Ed & Rudimental? Is it worth it? This is 100% completely up to you. This is Ed’s first [headlining] arena tour in North America, so I don’t fully have an understanding of his ways. Please keep in mind that some of these arenas have indoor/underground parking for buses, in that case you shouldn’t wait outside.

GA FLOOR: When you bought your ticket it probably gave you a number like GA1, GA2, GA3, etc. This is a way of them keep the floor sales organized. The GA floor will vary for venues some may be one big section as opposed to a number of different sections and some will be structured with using two different floor sections (GA1 / GA2)

ARRIVING EARLY:  Before heading to the venue please call ahead or look online for the venues policies. Most venues request that no one shows up prior to 3pm for concerts. Some venues may act on this and ask you to leave, others may not. Please keep that in mind.

If you DO NOT have a GA FLOOR ticket there is no need to arrive 5 hours early. Take your time!

TIME OF SHOW / CURFEW: Not all shows have doors at the same time. Below will give you an idea of the time frame for most of the venues.
Doors: 5pm
Rudimental: 7pm
Ed Sheeran: 8pm
Curfew: 10pm


I feel like this is really dumb to include this but time and time again someone proves that concert etiquette is in fact needed.

Saving spots: I know it’s really a nice gesture to save spots for a friend or two. But then it turns into 20 people because and that’s not right.  If you want to have a good vantage point during the concert you spend the time waiting in line.
Shoving: I know sometimes shoving happens at shows but try to refrain from shoving, and don’t weasel your way to the front. It’s just a way of causing drama and more than likely the people around you will hate you. Again if you want a spot up front wait in line like the rest of those fans who got barricade.

Screaming: Screaming a lone is fine but there is no need to shout obscenities/vulger during the show especially during a quiet part. Ed knows you’re at the show and that you love him.

Merchandise: The merch is numbered when asking for merch it’s easier to ask them “Can I get a #16 in Medium”,  rather than you saying “can I have that shirt” it’s hard for them to know which of the lot you’re pointing to. It’s gets stressful.   SMALLS are usually the first to go, so if you want to guarantee that your size is still available – you may want to get merch first.

Outdoor Venues: Check the weather (this goes for all shows if you plan on waiting in line), dress weather approporate. If it’s supposed to rain you can bring small sealed-plastic baggies (like ziploc brand baggies) and put your electronics in it to keep them safe. If you have a touch screen phone, your phone can still be used while inside the baggie.

Lastly try to be respectful and helpful to workers, crew and other fans at the show.






Special thanks to Jen & Nicole for their input. Please check out their blogs.
Also would like to thank Tiffany Maddie & Anne for photos of the tour merchandise.