Deadwax Music Reviews Multiply

My friend Carmen wrote a review of Ed’s new album Multiply.


Well, here it is. It’s been three extremely long years since + and finally there’s something new from Ed Sheeran. Honestly, writing these words feels almost like I’m in a dream. NEW. ALBUM. HERE. NOW. WHAT.

The promotion for this album has been smart and extensive…a radio premiere of the first single ‘Sing’, entire days of promotion in cities worldwide, festivals, releasing songs at midnight every night leading up to the release of the album, a 90-minute special on MTV. It has all been highly calculated and with the looks of the iTunes charts at the moment, extremely successful. With the curse of the sophomore album looming over, all eyes are on Ed. He’s climbing higher and higher and higher with his career and hopefully this album will fit nicely on that path straight up to the top.

I have been plugging my ears this past month, trying to keep a lot of the songs on this album a surprise. I’m a big fan of that “first-listen”…when you sit down, put headphones on, and just submerge into a new album. Being a massive fan of Ed Sheeran, this album deserves my full attention, and I want to experience the album not just a song here and there. With this review, I thought I would do a sort-of initial reaction to the songs, one at a time, and then a more comprehensive review after.
Disclaimer: This is a review done by a fan. There are plenty of reviews done by professional music-type journalist-type professional-type people…all of which I am not…so don’t expect anything too extraordinary. And, sidenote, I will definitely keep all my opinions completely unbiased. I may be a fan of Ed, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to build a shrine for everything that he puts out.

Overly Detailed Track-By-Track Review:
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The star ranking is out of 5 possible stars.
1. One
The perfect song to open the album with. I mean, besides the fact that it’s named “One” and it’s track one. Good one, One. …I’ll stop. That raw guitar plucking as the first couple notes of this album is completely necessary. What do we think of when we think of Ed? Guitar. That’s him. He’s opening this album with something beautiful and heartwarming and quintessentially him. This is the perfect bridge between ‘+’ and ‘X’. In terms of the actual song, it’s lovely. It starts completely acoustic…just a guitar and a voice, and it builds beautifully without too many extra things (just a little beat and some violin), then fades back to barebones acoustic. It’s wonderful. Wonderfully produced and wonderfully written…just…amazing.

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