Ed Stops by Fresh 102.7 in NY

When Ed Sheeran came to the Fresh studios last week to meet up with Jim & Kim to discuss his hot new single, “SING” that he co-wrote and produced with Pharrell, he also talked about how nervous he was to release the song and his pre-show jitters before his first experience on Saturday Night Live.
“Pharrell embodies soul and he’s such a groovy person, not like groovy, Austin Powers groovy, but even the way he speaks and puts songs across to you. Everything has a feel to it that makes you want to boogie a little bit,” said Sheeran.
Ed recalls being nervous about how his single would be received and expressing that concern to Pharrell over dinner. Their meal ended in a bet involving Pharrell’s famous hat and a drink.
“He made me a bet. We went out for dinner around a month ago and I was quite worried about ‘SING’ being the first single and how it would be taken and he was like, ‘Imma tell you this, Imma tell you this, ‘SING,’ that’s going to do a hundred thousand week one,’” said Sheeran.
Clearly, Ed lost that bet.
He was invited to play on Saturday Night Live and even though he was honored, his acting experience is limited so, again, he was a little nervous – although we found out that his impressions of Americans, specifically Pharrell and general New Yorkers are almost perfect. He says he’s pretty much learned everything from watching “The Sopranos,” so his accent is a little unsettling.
Ed Sheeran’s newest album is titled “X (Multiply)” and will be available everywhere on June 23rd.