Channel 933’s Summer Kick Off Concert


Today San Diego’s Channel 933 announced the lineup for their annual Summer Kick Off Concert. Other performers nclude Fall Out Boy, Tiesto, Paramore, R5, Chris Brown, Austin Mahone, Rixton & MKTO.

You will be able to win tickets before you can buy them just by listening to 933 March 24-28th. Listen for the “SKO Shuffle” and be caller number 9 when you hear the cue.

The presale will start Thursday (3.27) at 10:00am and will last 12 hours. The password is 933. Tickets will go on sale to the general public on Friday (3.28) via

Ed Sheeran opts out of MTV’s Musical March Madness

In the five-year history of MTV’s Musical March Madness tournament, we’ve seen just about everything: threats of violence (mostly from Tokio Hotel fans), accusations of bias (entirely from Tokio Hotel fans), voter fraud so rampant Vladimir Putin took note, that one year Coheed and Cambria won …

But we’ve never, ever seen something like this: Ed Sheeran has announced that he will not defend his Musical March Madness title, making him the first champion to abdicate the throne.

Why is he walking away from MMM? Turns out he’s grown tired of the grind, and is looking to retire from competition. And unlike most of his contemporaries, Sheeran plans on staying retired.


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MTV Musical March Madness: Qualifications


It’s that time once again: MTV’s Musical March Madness tournament is back … and this year, we’re letting you pick the bands that will battle it out for the title!

Yes, for the first time in the five-year history of MMM, we’re getting rid of the stodgy selection committee and turning the tournament over to the fans — you’ll help determine the full field of 64 acts, because Musical March Madness truly is for the people, by the people (also, we’re lazy.)

How? Beginning today, you can tweet your picks @MTVNews using the hashtag #MMM … seriously, it’s that easy. We’ll be watching all week, and then, on Monday, March 17, voting commences when we unveil the full bracket at

Can Ed Sheeran repeat as MMM champion? Will perennial powerhouses like Paramore or Thirty Seconds To Mars finally fight their way to the top? Or does 2014 belong toTokio Hotel? Who knows … they’ve all got to qualify for the tournament first!

In short, MMM 2014 is sure to be a wild affair — it’s anyone’s to win, so if you want your favorite artist to have a shot at the title, all you’ve got to do is nominate them. Oh, and it probably wouldn’t hurt to rally the troops either; make sure to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, and check back in on Monday, March 17, when this year’s tournament officially tips off.

You’ve spent the past year training, and now, it’s game time. Nominate your favorites for #MMM right now, then get ready to rock. Believe us, in 2014, things are gonna get crazy.

Ed Talks First Single Off The New Record.

Exclusive: Ed Sheeran’s New Single Is A Kiss-Off To An Ex, F-Bombs Included. Sheeran ditches his ‘Sweet, Innocent’ side on the first single off his new album

Ed Sheeran‘s not pulling any punches on the first single from his new album, except when it comes to the radio edit.

After all, the song (Ed wouldn’t reveal the title just yet) does feature several rather fantastic uses of the F-word, a fact that probably won’t go unnoticed by programmers at radio stations around the world. So, for the first — and perhaps only — time in his career, he was willing to compromise.

“I tried other words, I tried ‘mess,’ I tried ‘funk,’ lots of other things, but none of them worked,” he laughed. “I think if you’re going to swear on a track, make it worth it. There’s no point swearing just for the sake of it … but, if taking away a certain cuss word lightens the load of a song, I don’t agree with that. So, I’ve kept certain words in just because it makes the song what it is. But I’m I’m definitely giving radio and edit they can play, because I’d be mental not to.”

Of course, as his fans know, F-bombs are nothing new for Sheeran … but it’s the way they’re used in this new song — with a pissed-off purpose — that may come as a surprise. And, yes, even Ed will admit that the single will definitely raise a few eyebrows. That’s practically the point.



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