I’ve been really busy this week with working, classes and other things, so I haven’t had much time to update the site with Show updates or photo updates. So I’ll just make a quick update of those topics.

The setlist has not changed much from the last show post. While in Los Angeles he removed Goldrush and had a special guest (Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol) come out and sing “Chasing Cars”. In Las Vegas, Ed did a cover of Britney Spears “..Baby One More Time” and removed “Gold Rush”.

I’ve added meet n greet photos and live photos from San Jose and Los Angeles shows to the gallery. I’ll work on getting Las Vegas, Phoenix & Kansas City photos up very soon.

I’ve added 20 photos to the gallery from Ed’s show in Phoenix (Glendale) on Sunday.

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Who says you need major stage production to put on a captivating show?

Ed Sheeran took the stage in Los Angeles on Wednesday with just a guitar, a microphone and a loop station to deliver nearly two hours of mesmerizing music. He fired through hits new and old, including “Lego House,” “Sing,” “The A Team,” “I See Fire” and “Don’t,” which incorporated Chris Brown’s”Loyal” and Blackstreet’s “No Diggety” to audience squeals.

The set drew concert-goers of all ages and a fair share of Hollywood stars. Among them: Sarah Hyland, Chloe Grace Moretz, Brooklyn and dad David Beckham, Dwight Howard, John Mayer, Benny Blanco and Courteney Cox — who made it a family affair with fiance Johnny McDaid, daughter Coco, andCougar Town co-star Christa Miller and her kids.

Turns out, Cox and McDaid were in the house to support Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody, who joined Ed on stage during the encore for a soulful duet on “Chasing Cars.” Sheeran said the song was one of his “top 10 favorite songs ever written.”

Sheerios are known to get rowdy when their leader is in the room, and Ed did need to gently shush the crowd for his “Chasing Cars” performance. He asked the audience to pipe down just once earlier, when he delivered the heart-wrenching ballad “Afire Love.” (For those who took time to soak in the moment, hearing his voice and seeing an entire stadium filled with tiny iPhone lights was unforgettable.)

“My name is Ed and my job is to entertain your. Your job is to be entertained. Everybody say ‘Hell yeah!'” Sheeran told the audience early in his set. Later, he marveled at his first ever headlining stadium tour. “I didn’t expect to get to this point,” he confessed. “Now we’re here and it feels good.”

Moretz posted two videos to her Instagram account Wednesday night. One caption read “@TeddysPhotos killin’ it” while another simply quoted his lyrics, “Out of all these things I’ve done I think I love you better now.”

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“My name is Ed, my job is to entertain you, your job is to be entertained,” Ed Sheeran told a sold-out crowd last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. With tousled ginger hair, black jeans and an unbuttoned plaid shirt, Sheeran looked more like the roadie checking the microphone for sibilance than the star of the show. At times, he performed as if he were busking in a subway station, but this was busking of the highest order: the type of set that would make you miss your train and drop some bills into the guitar case.

It’s no small thing to hold the attention of 20,000 people for an hour-and-three-quarters all by yourself – when major stars decide to do an acoustic tour, they usually opt for the safer environment of theaters, even if they could sell out arenas. But Sheeran, a 23-year-old Brit, is pulling off this American arena tour with some well-rehearsed patter (“If you know the words, sing it – if you don’t, make it up, and make sure it’s loud as hell”) and an array of looping pedals, which allow him to stack vocals, guitar riffs and percussive noises. Normally, he was content with an extra loop or two, but on a few songs, such as “Bloodstream,” Sheeran kept adding layer after layer until his acoustic guitar became a wailing wall of white noise.

Unlike most singer-songwriters in troubadour mode, Sheeran doesn’t want to show off the cleverness of his songwriting. He eschews literary flourishes and unexpected turns of phrase in favor of direct lyrics such as “I just want to hold you” and “we found love right where we are.” Several songs last night, however, showcased his rapping, and that was where Sheeran cut loose verbally, spouting autobiography, spitting out triple-time couplets, and rhyming “celibate” with “hell of it.” Incongruous but invigorating, those hip-hop interludes made it clear that Sheeran’s usual songwriting isn’t based on a limited vocabulary – he’s making the deliberate (and lucrative) choice to be emotionally blunt.

Sheeran played 17 songs (including his Hobbit soundtrack contribution “I See Fire,” with images of Smaug on the video screens) and interpolated a couple of entertaining covers, working Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” into his own “Don’t” and concluding his “Runaway” by declaiming a chunk of the Backstreet Boys‘ “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” So when he announced during the encore that he was going to play a song that he considered one of the top 10 compositions of all time, almost anything seemed possible: “Waterfalls”? “The Immigrant Song”? Somewhat anticlimactically, it was Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” – but the reason for the selection became clear when Sheeran was joined for a duet by Snow Patrol’s lanky singer, Gary Lightbody.

The crowd (mostly young and female) responded to Sheeran’s every command, pulling out their cell phones by the thousand to provide a twinkling backdrop or shushing their loud neighbors when he asked for quiet during “Afire Love.” When a few audience members kept shouting during that song’s introduction, the genial Sheeran had a rare moment where he showed his teeth: He stopped the song and said, “I have love for you, not just at this very moment.” He may have a relaxed attitude and facial hair that looks like a high school senior’s first attempt at growing a beard, but Sheeran has the inner steel of a show business professional.


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Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight

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jimmy kimmel

Don’t forget to watch Ed on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight on ABC at 11:35/10:35c

** Please remember that you can find all Multiply Information including full setlists, meet n greet info,  merch photos & prices +more here. **

Ed kept the same set list from the previous show in Vancouver, I’ve also uploaded tons of photos from the show and meet n greets to the gallery.


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Review: San Jose Review

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Ed Sheeran stood alone onstage and looked out at the 8,000-plus fans assembled before him on Tuesday at the SAP Center in San Jose. The British singer-songwriter-guitarist, who turned 23 in February, seemed amazed by the scene.

“I’m still quite surprised that so many people are interested,” said Sheeran, adding that he’s only headlined a few arena shows to date.

He’d better get used to it, because it doesn’t look like the crowds are going to get any smaller in the near future.

Sheeran is, without a doubt, one of the fastest rising stars in all of popular music. His 2014 sophomore effort, “X,” is a massive hit, having topped the charts in the U.S. and several other countries. It’s especially popular in Sheeran’s native U.K., where “X” spent a staggering eight weeks at No. 1 on the charts — thus tying Sheeran with singer James Blunt (2005’s “Back to Bedlam”) for longest reign by a male artist.

Not bad for a guy who lost this year’s best new artist Grammy to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Of course, Sheeran rebounded nicely over this past weekend, topping Eminem, Pharrell Williams and others as “Sing” was named best male video at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Yet, it’s not just the sales figures and award nominations that are pushing Sheeran to super stardom. He also plays the fame game surprisingly well, drawing headlines for feuding with Miley Cyrus, appearing in an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video with Courteney Cox, palling around with Taylor Swift and writing songs for One Direction.

No wonder he’s moved up to playing major sports arenas.

The crowd size, however, is just about the only thing that has changed about Sheeran’s shows. The thoroughly entertaining gig he delivered at SAP Center was vastly similar to the one I saw him put on last year at the 2,300-capacity Warfield theater in San Francisco.

Sure, he now has some fancy video screens behind him, and another album’s worth of material, but he still goes about his business the same way.

“My job is to entertain you for the next two hours,” said Sheeran, who uttered basically the same thing at the Warfield. “Your job is to be entertained.”

Both sides held up their ends of the deal — and then some. The crowd numbered some 8,500 strong, but it sounded like there were 85,000 in the building as Sheeran took the stage alone and began playing the new album’s “I’m a Mess.” The young, mostly female audience was engaged throughout the show, singing along in high-pitched voices as Sheeran rolled out such fan favorites as “Lego House” and “Drunk” (both from 2011’s multi-million-selling debut “+”).

Sheeran performed solo throughout the show, holding our attention with just his versatile voice, acoustic guitar work, fine sense of humor and some 21st century high-tech wizardry. As far as the latter goes, Sheeran utilizes “live loops” technology as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. He uses foot pedals to record himself playing a short guitar or vocal part, then plays it back as he moves on to record the next segment. He gets several of these “loops” going at once, synchronized so that it sounds like a full band is playing live onstage. It’s confusing to explain, but awesome to witness.

Sheeran saved his best for last, closing out the roughly two-hour show with a marathon take on “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” before hitting the jackpot with “Gold Rush” and then delivering fine renditions of his two best-known songs — “The A Team” and “Sing.”

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