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Ed Talks First Single Off The New Record.

Exclusive: Ed Sheeran’s New Single Is A Kiss-Off To An Ex, F-Bombs Included. Sheeran ditches his ‘Sweet, Innocent’ side on the first single off his new album

Ed Sheeran‘s not pulling any punches on the first single from his new album, except when it comes to the radio edit.

After all, the song (Ed wouldn’t reveal the title just yet) does feature several rather fantastic uses of the F-word, a fact that probably won’t go unnoticed by programmers at radio stations around the world. So, for the first — and perhaps only — time in his career, he was willing to compromise.

“I tried other words, I tried ‘mess,’ I tried ‘funk,’ lots of other things, but none of them worked,” he laughed. “I think if you’re going to swear on a track, make it worth it. There’s no point swearing just for the sake of it … but, if taking away a certain cuss word lightens the load of a song, I don’t agree with that. So, I’ve kept certain words in just because it makes the song what it is. But I’m I’m definitely giving radio and edit they can play, because I’d be mental not to.”

Of course, as his fans know, F-bombs are nothing new for Sheeran … but it’s the way they’re used in this new song — with a pissed-off purpose — that may come as a surprise. And, yes, even Ed will admit that the single will definitely raise a few eyebrows. That’s practically the point.



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Ed Sheeran to make debut in Portugal

rock in rio - lisbon
Ed Sheeran is set to be a part of Rock In Rio’s 10th Anniversary in Lisbon on May 31st. Tickets for the show are available right now. To purchase tickets or for more information on Rock In Rio please check out

Press Release -26 February 2014 Ed Sheeran debuts in Portugal Rock in Rio-Lisboa Joins the Arcade Fire on May 31. Nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys 2013. Sale of tickets begins today.

The organization’s biggest event in music and entertainment world proud to announce the premiere of Ed Sheeran in Portugal. British artist thus joins the headliner Arcade Fire on May 31 at the Park Bela Vista. However, ticket sales kicked today in over 500 points sales across the country.

The young singer, songwriter, beatboxer and British guitarist, with only 23 years has collected numerous awards in his career, including two BRIT Awards for Best British Male Artist and British Breakthrough Artist in 2012, and two Grammy nominations for Best Song of the Year in 2012 and Artist Revelation in 2013.

Renowned for eclectic blend of acoustic pop, folk and hip hop, Sheeran has shared the stage with music greats such as Elton John and Taylor Swift and collaborated with One Direction.

The artist’s career began in 2005, when he produced his first EP The Orange Room EP. During the year 2009, performed more than 300 concerts, thus beginning to draw the attention of the music industry. It is in 2010 that sheds the acclaimed Loose Change EP, which includes the single “The A Team”. In 2011, it is the turn No.5 Colaborations EP that, in just 24 hours, reached number 2 in the iTunes sales chart, attracting the interest of Elton John, the invited to sign on Atlantic Records, which he co-founded.

In September 2011, the debut album “+”, which includes such hits as “You Need Me, I Do not Need You”, “Lego House” and “The A Team”, was among the 8 best selling albums in the UK – with almost two million sales – and reached six times platinum status, becoming the male solo artist with higher sales of a debut album in the UK. The single “The A Team” won the award for Best Song at the prestigious Ivor Novello Awards, assigned by the British Academy of Composers. In 2013, he joined Taylor Swift on their U.S. tour. After addition, the artist sold for three times the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York. One of his most recent work was the song “I See Fire”, which is part of soundtrack of the film “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”. In early 2014, Sheeran confirmed that it was putting the finishing touches on his next album.

Ed Sheeran Nominated for MTV Woodie

Ed has been nominated for a MTV Woodie Award, he’s been nominated in the “Performing Woodie”  category. This is an award that the fans get to vote for. If you’d like to vote for Ed click the image below to be taken to the voting page.