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Rudimental ‘Lay It All On Me’ featuring Ed Sheeran

Rudimental has announced that their new single will be ‘Lay It All On Me’ featuring Ed Sheeran. You can get the song instantly by preordering Rudimental’s new album ‘We The Generation’.

Yes people!

Mad excited to announce that we’re teaming up again with our bro Ed Sheeran for our new single ‘Lay It All On Me’

We started this song before we toured with ?Ed, played it to him on tour and finished it together back in London. It’s a song about sticking together through hard times! Hoping you guys enjoy.

Jumpers For Goalposts Tickets

Tickets for the premiere of Ed’s concert film ‘Jumpers For Goalpost’ are now on sale in the UK. You can visit to find your nearest screening.

Please note if you are buying tickets to see the film at VUE Leicester Square this is NOT the red carpet premiere that Ed will be attending.

Tickets to the actual premiere event at the Odeon Leicester Square will only be available via competitions & giveaways. Details on these coming soon.

Jumpers For Goalposts

Ed now has his own movie & it’s called ‘Jumpers For Goalposts’ – the film features performances from his three sold out Wembley Stadium as well as backstage footage & interviews with those people closest to him.

They’ll be a special cinema event to watch it all around the world from the 22nd October – details on how to get tickets to the event will be coming next week. For more info head to

Public Appearances and Events Updated

I’ve added some missing events and uploaded more to existing events from 2014/2015 to the photo gallery. Over the next weeks we’ll continue to fix broken images, as well as add new photos.

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First Look: Ed Sheeran in The Bastard Executioner


Gird your loins, Sheerios, and get ready to see Ed Sheeran like you’ve never seen him before. EW has obtained an exclusive first look at the singer-songwriter in his guest-starring role as the lethal right hand of a high-ranking church elder in The Bastard Executioner, FX’s much-anticipated new drama debuting Sept. 15 from Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy).

While on location in Cardiff, Wales, Sheeran sat down with EW to talk about how he scored the gig – and how he feels about wearing tights on TV.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you first meet Kurt Sutter?
ED SHEERAN: Through the magic of Twitter. I was watching SOA and it was mind blowing. I tweeted, “Whoever does the music on Sons of Anarchy, I want to buy him a pint.” And then Kurt tweeted me back to say his name is Bob and I should do a song for it. So I did. We kept in touch from there. And then I was having dinner at his house and I was talking about Marilyn Manson being in Sons of Anarchy, and just saying, if you ever have another show, can you stick me in it? Just like a bit part? And here I am.

Have you ever acted before?
At this level, no. I did like school plays, national youth theater when I was younger. I have played myself in Home and Away. I didUndateable. I usually play myself. But I’m not really playing myself in this.

Wait, aren’t you touring right now?
I’m midway through a world tour. Kurt has been really good with my schedule.

So did you have any special requests from Kurt for your role?
I find that I have reputation of being a smiley approachable guy, so I wanted the opposite. I said to Kurt, make sure that I’m not typecast at all. Write me as a complete d—head in it. I feel like I need that.

Is this a role for your young fans?
Oh, no no. My grandmother, the other day – she’s 91 and Irish and really sweet – was like, “Ah, I’d love to watch it.” And I said, “I don’t think you’re going to want to watch this, grams.” I do so much in my own lane. I feel like that satisfies my fan base. It’s nice to step out every now and then to challenge yourself. It doesn’t necessarily mean everyone who likes me for my music is going to like this. It means that I’m doing something different and interesting, rather than doing some rom-com, which is what I think people would expect me to do.

Are you going to promote your guest-starring role to your nearly 15 million Twitter followers?
I’m going to promote I’m in the show but I want people to watch from the beginning. Otherwise they’ll just watch this episode and be like, what the f— is going on. Don’t just skim through to find scenes I’m in!

So how does it feel, acting for TV?
I feel very out of place. I feel like I need a few more days to sink in to the idea of acting. I’m very good with a guitar in my hand, but I feel a bit lost without it. I think I just need more practice with acting. I’m glad no one is telling me I’m not good yet. I’m doing stuff and no one is saying, ‘bad sh–. That’s either them being polite which I don’t think they would be on this show, or it’s going well.

Did costume and makeup want to change your look for the drama?
When I walked into makeup they were like, we are going to have to cut your fringe and give you a bowl haircut, and I was like, “Ah that’s not happening.” This hat [he’s wears in the show] is a sign of faith. With these hats, you instantly know I’m someone who is in a religious sect.

So let’s talk about the rest of your costume.
I’m wearing tights, which is interesting. It’s quite hard to pee in this. I haven’t even tried to go No. 2. That’s going to be quite hard. I did think it was going to be a lot hotter under the lights but I’m good.

For more on Sheeran and his appearance on The Bastard Executioner, pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly on newsstands Thursday. 


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Get your DVR’s set: as Ed Sheeran will be interviewed and perform on Monday’s (June 01) Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC – 11:35/10:35c). Other guests include Melissa McCarthy & Terence Blanchard.

If you’re not able reserve tickets in advance, standby tickets are available same-day for each show. Standby tickets do not guarantee admission, but when we have extra tickets or cancellations those seats are distributed to the people in standby line. To grab standby tickets, arrive no later than 9 a.m. on the morning of the taping under “NBC Studios” marquee on the 49th Street side of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The line typically forms before 9 a.m. Once an individual is in line they CANNOT leave and return to their original place in line. One standby ticket is granted per person. For additional tickets, you must rejoin the end of the line.
Everyone in line must present a valid photo I.D. containing date of birth. No one under the age of 16 will be admitted into the show, regardless if a parent or guardian is present.